Test Management ADO Training Materials

The Programme has published Test Management Azure DevOps (ADO) training materials to support Programme participants in using the MHHS Test Management Tool (Azure DevOps) during testing. You can access the training materials in the library below.

Some of the documents are published in Microsoft PowerPoint as they have video and audio recordings which are inoperable in PDF.

In November 2023, we published updated versions of MHHS-DEL1701, 1703 and 1705 and a Release Management diagram (MHHS-DEL1796) to the library below. The changes included:

  • An overview of ADO groups, referencing Defect ownership throughout the end-to-end journey
  • MHHS-DEL1796 is a new piece of training material demonstrating the end-to-end defect and release management process for Component Integration Testing (CIT)

In March 2024, the Programme published updated versions of MHHS-DEL1704, MHHS-DEL1705 and MHHS-DEL1706 in readiness for Systems Integration Testing (SIT) Functional Testing. 

If you have any questions about these training materials, please email [email protected]