Code Artefacts: Consistency Check

The Code Artefacts Consistency Check is the final MHHS Programme industry consultation for the Code Artefacts.  This consultation opened on Monday 24 June 2024 and closes at 17:00 on Friday 12 July 2024

This consistency check is to ensure that the Code Artefacts align with the latest Design Artefacts, and to do a final check via a cross-code review, legal review, traceability matrix, format and terminology review and to ensure that the series align with each other. Identified gaps or issues have been addressed and will be presented to industry for consultation.

Please use the Code Consistency Check Consultation Comments Log available below to provide your comments. Once completed, please email your completed Comments Log to [email protected]

Code Consistency Check Consultation Comments Log

You can view the Code Drafting Consultation Advisory Notes below to support your review.

Code Drafting Consultation Advisory Notes

Following the closure of this consultation, the Code Artefacts will be updated to produce the final Artefacts. These final Artefacts will be published on the Finalisation page of this website before going to the Code Drafting Working Group for recommendation on Tuesday 13 August 2024,  and for approval at the Cross-Code Advisory Group on Wednesday 21 August 2024.   
If you have any questions about these Code Artefacts, please email [email protected]



Consistency Check Process

As part of the Code Drafting Consistency Check Consultation, we’re interested to understand if parties believe if due process has been followed. To support  this, we’re seeking feedback on the Programme’s code drafting consultation process, by asking six questions to gain participants’ feedback.

You can view these questions in the Code Drafting Due Process Questions document below:

Code Drafting Due Process Questions

To submit your responses to these questions, please view the questions in the document above, and add your answers into the Code Consistency Check Consultation Comments Log above.  

You can do this by: 

  • Selecting the Due Process Questions option from the drop-down menu in Column B: Code Artefact Name – this is the final option at the bottom of the drop-down menu
  • Adding your answers into Column D: Comments – this is a free text field for you to add your individual responses
  • Each organisation should submit one response per organisation  
  • Responses should be entered into a separate line for each answer, e.g. one row for Q1, one for Q2 etc.
  • If there is no response to a question, there is no requirement to submit a blank entry
  • Please do let us know who you are and which organisation you’re from by completing Columns H-J

If you have any questions on this consultation, please email [email protected]  

Code Consistency Check Artefacts


Code Artefacts: Balancing & Settlement Code (BSC) Sections Consistency Check

Short Name Doc Number Theme Version
Annex S-3: Supplier Volume Allocation Rules for MHHS Metering Systems DEL1348 BSC Consistency v0.91
Section W: Trading Disputes DEL2778 BSC Consistency v22.2
Annex X-1: General Glossary DEL2035 BSC Consistency v115.5
Section Z - Performance Assurance DEL2307 BSC Consistency v10.2
Section E: BSC Agents DEL2297 BSC Consistency v10.2
Section K: Classification and Registration of Metering Systems and BM Units DEL999 BSC Consistency v48.6
Section S: Supplier Volume Allocation DEL1347 BSC Consistency v44.8
Annex S-4: Supplier Volume Allocation Rules for Metering Systems during Transition DEL1726 BSC Consistency v0.7
Section L: Metering DEL1039 BSC Consistency v25.5
Annex S-1: Performance Levels and Supplier Charges DEL2298 BSC Consistency v13.8
Section X-2 - Technical Glossary DEL2036 BSC Consistency v54.9
Section J: Party Agents and Qualification Under the Code DEL1040 BSC Consistency v22.5

Code Artefacts: BSCP700 series Consistency Check

Short Name Doc Number Theme Version
BSCP38 - Authorisations DEL1531 BSCP700 Consistency v25.3
BSCP710 - Supplier Charges for MHHS Metering Systems DEL2287 BSCP700 Consistency v0.4
BSCP705 - Licensed Distribution for MHHS Metering Systems DEL1276 BSCP700 Consistency v0.9
BSCP701 - Smart Data Service DEL1041 BSCP700 Consistency v0.91
BSCP711 – Appendix A: Fixed PAM Data Provider File Formats DEL2302 BSCP700 Consistency v0.6
BSCP707 - Changes to Industry Standing Data DEL1523 BSCP700 Consistency v0.91
BSCP702 - Advanced Data Service DEL1042 BSCP700 Consistency v0.93
BSCP708 - Migration of Metering Systems to and from the MHHS Arrangements DEL1519 BSCP700 Consistency v0.92
BSCP711 - Performance Assurance Monitoring Data Provision, Reporting and Publication of Peer Comparison Data DEL2304 BSCP700 Consistency v0.6
BSCP706 - Supplier Meter Registration Service for MHHS Metering Systems DEL1282 BSCP700 Consistency v0.95
BSC Service Description for BSC Central Services for Market-wide Half-Hourly Metering Systems DEL1343 BSCP700 Consistency v0.9
BSCP711 – Appendix B: Fixed PAM Calculation Guidelines DEL2303 BSCP700 Consistency v0.6
BSCP707 - Appendix 2: ISD Change Request Entity Validation DEL1525 BSCP700 Consistency v0.92
BSCP709 - Supplier Requirements for MHHS Metering Systems DEL2027 BSCP700 Consistency v0.5
BSCP704 - Unmetered Supplies Operations for MHHS Metering Systems DEL978 BSCP700 Consistency v0.92
BSCP703 - BSC Central Services for MHHS Metering Systems DEL1345 BSCP700 Consistency v0.92
BSCP707 - Appendix 1 - Changes to Industry Standing Data DEL1524 BSCP700 Consistency v0.92
BSCP700 - Unmetered Supplies Data Services DEL979 BSCP700 Consistency v0.92

Code Artefacts: Retail Energy Code (REC) Schedules Consistency Check

Short Name Doc Number Theme Version
CoMCoP (Consolidated Metering Code of Practice) DEL984 REC Consistency v0.3
Bacpac Web Data Specification DEL1731 REC Consistency v1.6
Schedule XX - Migration DEL1518 REC Consistency v0.7
EMDS Standards Definition DEL1725 REC Consistency v0.5
HTML Web Data Specification DEL1730 REC Consistency v1.6
Schedule 29 - Address Management DEL1274 REC Consistency v0.5
Schedule 15 - Metering Accreditation DEL1720 REC Consistency v0.4
Schedule 27 - RMP Lifecycle DEL1272 REC Consistency v.07
Electricity Enquiry Service (EES) Service Definition DEL1514 REC Consistency v0.5
REC Schedule 14 - Metering Operations Schedule DEL983 REC Consistency v0.7
Schedule 30 - Resolution of Consumer Facing Switching and Billing Issues DEL1516 REC Consistency v0.5
Schedule 23 - Registration Services DEL1269 REC Consistency v0.5
REC Service Definition - ERDS Service Definition DEL1267 REC Consistency v0.6
Schedule 28 - Related Metering Points Schedule DEL1273 REC Consistency v0.6
Schedule 25 - Central Switching Service DEL1271 REC Consistency v0.4
Schedule 1 - Interpretations and Definitions DEL1719 REC Consistency v0.7
Schedule 9 - Qualification and Maintenance DEL1517 REC Consistency v0.5
Schedule 24 - Switching Data Management DEL1270 REC Consistency v0.5
EES API Interface Specification DEL1718 REC Consistency v0.6
Schedule 19 - Market Exit and Supplier of Last Resort DEL1268 REC Consistency v0.5
Schedule 12 - Data Access DEL1515 REC Consistency v0.5

Code Artefacts: Controls Consistency Check

Short Name Doc Number Theme Version
Definitions and Interpretations DEL2828 Controls Consistency v1.0
DIP Interface Traceability DEL2829 Controls Consistency v1.0
Design Artefact to Code - Traceability DEL2827 Controls Consistency v1.0
MHHS Code Workstream - Change Control Log v0.1 DEL2829 Controls Consistency v0.1
Code Baseline Matrix v1.2 DEL2040 Controls Consistency v1.2
CDWG Issues Decisions Log - V1.1 DEL2824 Controls Consistency v1.1
Consolidated MHHS BRs Traceability DEL2825 Controls Consistency v1.0
DIP Rules Overlap Matrix DEL2826 Controls Consistency v1.0

Code Artefacts:  Distribution Connection and Use of System Agreement (DCUSA) Consistency Check

Short Name Doc Number Theme Version
DCUSA MHHS Transition DEL1722 DCUSA Consistency v0.7