Migration is the process by which Meter Point Administration Numbers (MPANs) will be migrated from the legacy arrangements to the new MHHS arrangements, and in the case of Reverse Migration, back to the Legacy arrangements from the MHHS arrangements.

The technical processes by which the migration will take place are outlined in the suite of Migration Design Artefacts. Participants should familiarise themselves with these Artefacts, as these are the processes that participants will need to follow to successfully migrate their portfolios into the new MHHS arrangements. Visit the Migration Design page of this website to view these Artefacts.

To understand more about Migration, participants can attend the Migration Working Group (MWG). Please email [email protected] if you would like to join MWG.

If you have any questions about Migration, please email [email protected]

Where can I find more information?

You can view specific information and documents on the following, by clicking on the links below:

If you have any questions, please email the Migration team at [email protected]