Code Topic Mop Up 2

The Code Workstream issued the Code Topic Mop Up 2 Artefacts for consultation on 19 February 2024. The consultation closed on 11 March 2024.  

Thank you to all participants who submitted comments on this consultation.  Consultation comments have been triaged and where relevant, updated artefacts have been republished for assurance review in the libraries below. 

A Consolidated Comments Log has also been published which you can view below:

Mop Up 2 Consolidated Comments Log

Also available are the Retail Energy Code (REC) Supporting Post-Consultation Notes below:

REC Supporting Post-Consultation Notes

Participants are requested to submit any Assurance comments to [email protected] by 17:00 on Monday 22 April 

Following Industry Assurance Review, the artefacts will progress to the Code Drafting Working Group (CDWG) in May for recommendation, and then to the May Cross-Code Advisory Group (CCAG) for Senior Responsible Owner (SRO) approval.     

The Mop Up 2 Artefacts are displayed across the following categories in the libraries below, which you can view, for information only:

  1. Balancing & Settlement Code (BSC) Sections 
  2. New BSCP700 series 
  3. Other Balancing & Settlement Code Procedures (BSCPs) 
  4. Retail Energy Code (REC) Schedules 
  5. BSC Assurance/Distribution Connection and Use of System Agreement (DCUSA) 

You can view a supporting Code Baseline Matrix stating which Artefacts are in each library below, along with some supporting guidance documents; the Mop Up 2 Advisory NotesREC Supporting Consultation Notes and the Code Drafting Change Control Log which were published when the consultation opened.

Code Baseline Matrix

Mop Up 2 Advisory Notes

REC Supporting Consultation Notes

Code Drafting Change Control Log

If you have any questions about these Code Artefacts, please email [email protected]  


Code Topic Mop Up 2 Artefacts


Balancing & Settlement Code (BSC) Sections

New BSCP700 series

Other Balancing & Settlement Code Procedures (BSCPs)

Short Name Doc Number Theme Version
BSCP503 - Half Hourly Data Aggregation for SVA Metering Systems Registered in SMRS DEL2007 Other BSCPs v30.2
BSC Code of Practice 5 DEL995 Other BSCPs v18.5
BSC Code of Practice 2 DEL992 Other BSCPs v17.6
BSC Code of Practice 7 DEL997 Other BSCPs v7.6
P-Flows - Part 2 - Data Items DEL1724 Other BSCPs v0.4
BSC Code of Practice 1 DEL990 Other BSCPs v15.6
BSCP502 - Half Hourly Data Collection for SVA Metering Systems Registered in SMRS DEL2006 Other BSCPs v40.2
BSCP68 - Transfer of Registration of Metering Systems between CMRS and SMRS DEL1266 Other BSCPs v18.6
BSCP128 - Appendix 5 - CSAD 2.1 and 2.2 Tables for all Host and Embedded Submissons DEL2004 Other BSCPs v0.1
BSCP520 - Unmetered Supplies Registered in SMRS DEL2011 Other BSCPs v32.3
BSCP128 - Production, Submission, Audit and Approval of Line Loss Factors DEL1527 Other BSCPs v11.6
BSCP504 - Non Half Hourly Data Collection for SVA Metering Systems Registered in SMRS DEL2008 Other BSCPs v51.3
BSC Code of Practice 10 DEL991 Other BSCPs v14.4
P-Flows Part 1 - Interfaces DEL1723 Other BSCPs v0.6
BSC Code of Practice 6 DEL996 Other BSCPs v9.6
BSCP505 - Non Half Hourly Data Aggregation for SVA Metering Systems Registered in SMRS DEL2010 Other BSCPs v25.3
BSCP601 - Metering Protocol Approval and Compliance Testing DEL998 Other BSCPs v23.6
PSL200 Proposal to Withdraw DEL2033 Other BSCPs v0.4
BSC Code of Practice 3 DEL993 Other BSCPs v17.6
BSC Central Services - Service Descriptions DEL1343 Other BSCPs v0.8
BSCP02 - Proving Test Requirements for Central Volume Allocation Metering Systems DEL2002 Other BSCPs v9.2
BSCP38 - Authorisations DEL1531 Other BSCPs v25.2
BSCP550 - Shared SVA (Advanced) Meter Arrangement of Half Hourly Import and Export Active Enerrgy DEL2013 Other BSCPs v18.4
BSCP602 - SVA Metering Systems and Asset Mefering Systems Register DEL2026 Other BSCPs v7.3
BSC Code of Practice 4 DEL994 Other BSCPs v16.6
BSCP65 - Registration of Parties and Exit Procedures DEL1530 Other BSCPs v22.6
BSCP01 - Overview of Trading Arrangements DEL2034 Other BSCPs v24.3

Retail Energy Code (REC) Schedules

Short Name Doc Number Theme Version
bacpac Web Data Specification DEL1731 REC Schedules v1.5
Schedule 9 - Qualification and Maintenance DEL1517 REC Schedules v0.4
EES API Interface Specification DEL-1718 REC Schedules v0.4
HTML Web Data Specification DEL1730 REC Schedules v1.5
Schedule 24 - Switching Data Management DEL1270 REC Schedules v0.4
ERDS Service Definition DEL1267 REC Schedules v0.5
REC Consolidated Metering Code of Practice v0.2 Mop Up Consultation DEL-984 REC Schedules v0.2
Schedule 12 - Data Access DEL-1515 REC Schedules v0.4
Schedule 25 - Central Switching Service DEL-1271 REC Schedules v0.3
Schedule 15 - Metering Accreditations DEL-1720 REC Schedules v0.3
Schedule 29 - Address Management DEL-1274 REC Schedules v0.4
Schedule 28 - Related Metering Points DEL-1273 REC Schedules v0.4
Schedule 27 - RMP Lifecycle DEL1272 REC Schedules v0.5
Electricity Enquiry Service (EES) Service Definition DEL-1514 REC Schedules v0.4
Energy Market Data Specification DEL-1725 REC Schedules v0.4
Schedule 19 - Merket Exit and Supplier of Last Resort DEL-1268 REC Schedules V0.4
Schedule 1 - Interpretations and Definitions DEL1719 REC Schedules v0.6
Schedule 14 - Metering Operations DEL983 REC Schedules v0.5
Schedule 30 - Resolution of Consumer Facing Switching abd Billing Issues DEL-1516 REC Schedules v.04
Schedule 23 - Registration Services DEL-1269 REC Schedules v0.4
Schedule XX - Migration DEL1518 REC Schedules v0.5

BSC Assurance / Distribution Connection and Use of System Agreement (DCUSA)