Migration Thresholds


During the Migration period of the Programme, a significant number of messages will be sent between industry participants which far exceeds the volumes sent during standard operations.  

To ensure that participants and Central Systems can support these increase volumes, an upper threshold that limits the total number of migrations that can be initiated across the industry on a particular day must be set. 

The Migration Thresholds Document defines that upper threshold. The document also breaks the threshold down to the Licensed Distribution System Operator (LDSO) level. This ensures that LDSOs are aware of the maximum number of migrations they will be expected to support. 

Appendix 1 summarises the modelling that was used to define the thresholds for LDSOs as set out in the document.

The document was approved by the former Testing and Migration Advisory Group (TMAG) on Monday 20 November. You can find the baselined v1.0 of the Migration Thresholds Document below: 

Migration Thresholds Document

Migration Thresholds Document: Appendix 1

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