Design Overview

Design Baseline Approved

On Monday 31 October, the Design Advisory Group (DAG) approved the Physical Design Baseline, thereby completing Milestone 5: Physical baseline delivered. This approval was subject to the Programme delivering the remaining elements of the design included in the Work-Off Plan.

On Thursday 16 February DAG approved the re-baseline of the Design Artefacts.



Accessing the Design

Design information is aligned across the different design areas and formats, so you can choose whichever works best for you as a participant:

  1. Baselined Design Artefacts in document form, as stand-alone documents
  2. Design Models as integrated views of the baseline Design
  3. Red-lined Design Artefacts as changes and tracked-changed versions for each release
  4. Transition Design in document form, as stand-alone documents
  5. Migration Design in document form

The full set of the Baselined Design Artefacts are available on the Baselined Design Artefacts page of this website.

The Design Models are available on the Collaboration Base.

The Artefacts and Models will be updated as required, and will remain in alignment. 

If you have any questions about the design, please email [email protected]

Design Baseline and Interim Releases

The Design was re-baselined on Thursday 16 February 2023 following completion of the Design Work-Off Plan.

Design Artefacts (including all five areas mentioned above) are updated in accordance with the Design Review Process. The  Baselined Design Artefacts will be updated as part of a release schedule, and you can view details of the Interim Releases on the Red-lined Design Artefacts page of this website.


Design Review Process

The Programme has established a new process for updating Design Artefacts. 

For more information, visit the Design Review Process page of this website.


Design Playback Sessions

We held a series of overview sessions to support understanding of the End-to-End design. You can view recordings of the Design Playback sessions on the Design Playbacks page of this website