MHHS Migration Framework

MHHS Migration Framework Consultation

The MHHS Programme published the first suite of MHHS Migration Framework Artefacts for industry consultation. This consultation focused on development and maintenance of the Migration schedule and is now closed.

Thank you to all participants who provided feedback and input on this document. You can view a Consolidated Comments Log below:

MHHS Migration Framework Consolidated Comments Log

The Migration team have facilitated a series of workshops to draw together Migration Working Group (MWG) attendees and other interested participants to develop the Migration Framework ahead of this consultation. You can view the papers and recordings of these sessions on the MWG page of the Collaboration Base.  

The MHHS Migration Framework details the principles, processes, controls, roles, and responsibilities regarding Migration, as well as the decision-making authority of the Migration Control Centre (MCC), its activities and interactions with participants.  

We're currently triaging all feedback received, and where relevant, the Programme will update any Artefacts ahead of an Assurance meeting. Responses to comments will be assured at a Migration Working Group (MWG) Assurance Meeting on Thursday 25 April 2024.  

Following this, subject to any changes, the updated document will be tabled for approval at the Migration and Cutover Advisory Group (MCAG) in May 2024

There will be further consultation on Migration Artefacts in Q2 of 2024. This will focus on controlling and monitoring of Migration Execution, managing the dynamic capacity allocation, data analytics and reporting, and the closing down of Migration. 

If you have any questions about this consultation, please email the Migration team at [email protected]


MHHS Migration Framework Consultation Artefacts

Short Name Doc Number Subtype Theme Version
Migration Capacity Calculations - Method Statement DEL2428 Framework Consultation 1 v0.1
Migration Capacity Calculations - Parameters DEL2429 Framework Consultation 1 v0.1
Migration Framework Foundations DEL2426 Framework Consultation 1 v0.1
Migration Framework - Principles and Guidelines DEL2427 Framework Consultation 1 v0.1
Migration Requirements and Processes DEL2430 Framework Consultation 1 v0.1
Migration Business Process Models DEL2431 Framework Consultation 1 v0.1