Settlement Analysis Scoping Working Group

The Settlement Analysis Scoping Working Group (SASWG) was mobilised in response to CR013: Determining scope of examination of settlement impacts resulting from the MHHS Programme.

The objective of this Working Group was to scope the analysis required to investigate the impacts of MHHS on Settlement processes. SASWG has now concluded its activities and the SASWG Output Report sets out the scope, approach, timescales, cost and next steps options for the Settlement analysis.

At the Programme Steering Group (PSG) meeting on 4 October 2023, PSG approved the SASWG Output Report, which you can view below:

SASWG CR0013 Output Report 

For more information on CR013, please visit the Programme Change Control page of this website

If you are interested in joining this Working Group, please email [email protected] to be added to the meeting invite and distribution list.

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