The Clock: 15 November 2023

◆ Published: 15/11/2023

The Clock newsletter provides participants with updates and key information to support delivery of the MHHS Programme. The Clock will signpost you to events, plans, reports and documents to assist in planning, design, development, testing and delivery.

In this issue of The Clock we update you on:

  • Programme News
    • New Medium Supplier Representative for the Programme Steering Group
    • Christmas working arrangements
  • Participant Checklist
    • REMINDER: Systems Integration Testing (SIT) Migration Test & Test Data Approach & Plan Consultation
    • REMINDER: Systems Integration Testing (SIT) Functional Test Scenarios & Test Cases: Package 3 – Theme 6 Consultation  
    • Systems Integration Testing (SIT) Component Integration Testing (CIT) Test Cases Batch 3 (Intervals 5 & 6) Consultation  
    • MHHS Qualification: Sandbox Use Cases 
    • Change Request (CR034) issued for Impact Assessment 
    • Design Interim Release 2.2 published 
    • REMINDER: Industry Standing Data (ISD) Data Store URL published
  • Guidance Documents
    • Data Integration Platform (DIP) Webhook URL Configuration Guide
  • Upcoming events
    • Upcoming Governance Meetings
    • Testing & Migration Advisory Group (TMAG): 20 November 2023  
    • Cross-Code Advisory Group (CCAG): 22 November 2023
    • Licensed Distribution System Operator (LDSO) Placing Reliance Walk Through: 23 November 2023
    • Extraordinary Qualification Working Group (QWG): 27 November 2023  
  • What happened last week?
    Design Advisory Group (DAG): 8 November 2023  
    Programme Steering Group (PSG): 8 November 2023  

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