Pre-Qualification Submission

Non-Systems Integration Testing (SIT) Suppliers, Supplier Agents and Meter Equipment Managers (MEMs), and New Entrant Licensed Distribution System Operator (LDSO) Programme participants are required to provide a Pre-Qualification Submission for MHHS Qualification. 

The submission will include all the information that Code Bodies need to make an informed judgement on a party’s readiness and suitability to be allocated to a particular Qualification Wave.

The information provided will also assist Code Bodies to understand the resource and testing capacity required to support each Qualification Wave.

You can find further information on Qualification Waves and more general MHHS Qualification information on the Qualification Approach & Plan page of this website.



How to complete your submission

The Pre-Qualification Submission template, available at the link below, requests provision of the following information from each Programme participant: 

  • Preferred Qualification Wave
  • Pre-Integration Testing (PIT) approach and completion timescales
  • Qualification Testing approach and completion timescales
  • Any Placing Reliance proposals, both to understand dependencies and the level of testing required in
  • Qualification Testing
  • Supplier Hub relationships to inform Migration planning, (optional)

Code Bodies will work collaboratively with participants to ensure that they are in a suitable Qualification Wave.  

To submit your Pre-Qualification Submission, download the Pre-Qualification Submission template below, and complete the fields.

Pre-Qualification Submission template

Once ready, please email your document to the Code Bodies at [email protected]

To reduce the number of information requests simultaneously going to Programme participants, Code Bodies have included questions to cover MHHS readiness for other relevant Code areas within the Pre-Qualification Submission (Section 4.5).

Responses to these questions will feed into business as usual assurance arrangements under the Balancing & Settlement Code (BSC) and Retail Energy Code (REC) and will not form part of the Programme participants' MHHS Qualification Wave allocation assessment.   

Both the Code Bodies and the MHHS Programme will use the information provided in the Pre-Qualification Submission.

The Pre-Qualification Submission window opened on 5 February 2024 and final submissions must be provided by 26 April 2024.  

If you have any questions about the Pre-Qualification Submission, Placing Reliance, or anything further please email [email protected]

Sign up to our Pre-Qualification Submission webinar

The Code Bodies will host a walkthrough webinar at 10:30-11:30 on Thursday 7 March 2024 to support Programme participants with completing this Pre-Qualification Submission template.

You can register for this webinar by completing the sign-up form below by 17:00 on Wednesday 6 March 2024:

MHHS Webinar: Qualification - Pre-Qualification Submission Enrolment Form

If you have any questions that you would like Code Bodies to cover during this webinar, please email them to [email protected] by 17:00 on Thursday 29 February 2024.